After years of attending and being an invited speakers at trade-shows, fashion weeks, and schools, we have noticed how little real life information there is available. From attending these workshops and seminars ourselves, we have concluded that many are just hour long pitches trying to sell you something.

Our one-day workshop features guest speakers covering everything from debt/equity financing to how to know when you are ready for your first trade show. Each speaker brings something unique and interesting to the workshop, covering all bases and possibly bringing information that you didn’t even know could help or hinder your business ventures.

Topics presented by GPC:
Rules for starting a brand
Sourcing for efficiency
Selling: materials, the process, and getting a rep
Financing your line

Topics from legal expert:
Corporate formation
Debt/equity financing, including cross-border money flow
Intellectual property protection
Joint ventures, licensing
Copyrights & trademarks

Topics from marketing expert:
Defining branding
Crafting your story
Communicating your story to consumers
Effective marketing on a startup budget


Topics from logistics and supply chain specialist:
Shipping and logistics
Understanding “landed cost” modeling
Managing freight cost
Reducing risk
Leveraging free trade agreements and foreign trade zones
Eliminating trade compliance exposures

Topics from trade show expert:
When are you ready for your first trade show
What trade shows are looking for in a new brand
Strategy, how to select the right show
Pre and post-show tips
How to evaluate return on objective


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The 1st Step: Feasibility Consultation

Before starting any of our services, contact us to schedule a Feasibility Consultation and speak directly with an industry insider about your concept. Get a clear idea of where to start and the next steps to move forward.

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