"In an unexpected and unplanned year of Covid - a pandemic we suspected in early January but couldn’t quiet really know the full on craziness that was brewing... You helped us to navigate and pivot thru the original “smelly days”.  I truly believe we all needed each other this year and thru your guidance, support, wisdom and crystal ball we all managed to stay afloat.  We’re still above water- just a little!  LOL. I’m so grateful you allowed Ashely and I to participate in all the sessions.  If there was an award category for business Covid support - you should win hands down.  We certainly didn’t get any of the government PPE candy jar... but we had you!   Given all the craziness I feel successful even though the bank account isn’t saying so!  LOL.  I at least feel confident we can plan, maneuver and keep the business going.  

Of course the crazy website crap threw us for a loop and while it was a set back in preparation for another shutdown - we’ll at least catch up here in the coming weeks - with a semi ADA compliant site...to the best of abilities. 

 Thru your actions of Zoom and knowledge you brought to life a great circle of minds - who all shared knowledge!  For this, I cannot Thank You enough!  Your friendship and support remains in my heart - priceless!   One day I hope to  find away to repay these shared gifts! May we all surge further in knowledge and prosperous beyond our imaginations in 2021." - AshleGryre Boutique


"I first learned about Global Purchasing Companies and Mercedes few years ago when I was trolling the internet about “fashion industry stuff”. Was so much out there and It got overwhelming really quick. Then I came across one of Mercedes seminar about “how not to open an online store”! Watched it, watched the rest available with her and got me really crying because it changed everything I thought I have learned over the past months and realized that, not only she was speaking my language but she was also telling me that I was wrong about my approach with my business and that it was true- I was going nowhere. So, after a year of tossing and thinking and one more kid, I finally decided to do something for achieving my dream and reached out to her and cried for help: I was having a concept, lots of ideas but didn’t know what to do with them. I was shocked, honored and relieved that she was willing to give me a shot!!!! What I love the most about working with her, is that she tells me as it is, she is easy to reach, there for me every step of the way, no question is too silly (and I have lots of them) and also fun to be around. 
I am now so many steps ahead, my FW 19-20 samples are in production and I am closer then ever to see my concept getting shape!! The only thing for me is that I wish I was more brave and reach out to her for help many years back. So thank you Mercedes for showing me the way!!" - S. Valintine

"What do I say!!! Mercedes is a powerhouse of knowledge and so motivational to all designers looking to excel in todays market! Thank you again Mercedes for the awesome advice. Please please come back to WWd Magic and do more seminars!!!! - Kenya Atlanta, GA"

"7 business partners and my self started an apparel company a few years ago. When we started we did not know the 1st step in what to do and how to proceed. 2 years later we now know that the answer is to attend any of the workshops being offered by GPC. We learned more in 6 hours with Mercedes than we have in 2 yrs of researching, reading books, and trial by error. Unfortunately we are from California and will need to wait until she comes back for another session. For all those of you living in New York, I envy you. This company is another reason to take pride in what your city has. A very competent company that will increase your chances of success by passing on the knowledge they have in the fashion industry." - Primo M San Jose, CA

"This is a well organized, logical seminar that gives you real life, on the spot advice on working with buyers from the first sale to maintaining a profitable retail location." - Clutch E. Scottsdale, AZ

"Thank you for your social occasion presentation in Dallas. I loved the idea for “toys for tots” at the Holiday season and plan to use it to bring in new clientele" - T. Trousseau

"…I can’t believe how much I learned in 7 hours, whew!!!! My head is spinning from all the great information" -R. Monahan

"That was the best $250 investment I’ve made since I started this venture. I wish I would have met you last May" -S. Brosius

"I attended a couple of seminars at TexWorld in the past year about Starting a Fashion Line on a Shoestring Budget and they were both very well done! Mercedes presented us with lots of tips that I know will save me a lot of trouble as I try to build my own fashion line. I know her advice will also help me save a lot of money too! I also received a copy of the Fashion 101 presentation on a CD that she has for sale after the seminar. What a great resource to refer back to as I start my research! I know she will be a great resource as I move forward with my fashion business. It’s so daunting trying to navigate this world by yourself as a brand new designer, but I’m so happy that I found her as a resource. I know I will work with her in the future as I start to build my business.

If you haven’t seen her videos on YouTube, I highly recommend them…also full of great information!" - Christine K New York, NY


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