"In an unexpected and unplanned year of Covid - a pandemic we suspected in early January but couldn’t quite really know the full on craziness that was brewing... You helped us to navigate and pivot thru the original “smelly days”. Thru your actions of Zoom and knowledge you brought to life a great circle of minds - who all shared knowledge! For this, I cannot Thank You enough!  Your friendship and support remains in my heart - priceless! One day I hope to find a way to repay these shared gifts!" - AshleGryre Boutique

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The First Step: Feasibility Consultation

Before starting any of our services, contact us to schedule a Feasibility Consultation and speak directly with an industry insider about your concept. Get a clear idea of where to start and the next steps to move forward.


GPC specializes in new store planning for retail startups and profitability assessments for established retailers. We streamline businesses and show you how to open more doors.

As buyers in the market, GPC has a unique insight that is especially beneficial for new designers and manufacturers. Our team guides brands who are just getting started or are established internationally and are wanting to market to the US consumer on best industry practices and how to be competitive.

Chronicles of a Fashion Buyer

The Mostly True Adventures of an International Fashion Buyer.

In an industry full of smoke and mirrors, an authority in fashion cuts through the BS with vivid life stories of how business is really run.

This compilation of stories covers retail to design; shysters to average joes with a dream, and sews in a bit of how-to and intrigue that is sure to shock even a fashion insider. This is the business of fashion- it’s ugliness and allure as survived by a true renaissance woman.

Advance warning, this revealing read may convince you to become a proponent of child labor, an advocate of GMO, and an organic cotton naysayer. Stock your shelves with this year's bestseller!