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Ann Stone earned her bachelor’s degree in Business and Fashion Design from the University of Alabama within three years. She joined the GPC team in 2016 with a strong background in Technical Design and Business. Ann specializes in special projects and, also, works alongside designers on improving technical aspects of their line. She is a Southerner, avid Alabama Football fan, and cold brew purist. Outside of the office, Ann is either catching the latest live show or chowing down wings at your local sports bar. Fun fact: in 2016, Ann attended a little over 75 live shows.

Lyn Chin, known as a diabolical buffet warrior to some, joined GPC as an intern in 2009. With limited opportunity to utilize a fashion degree in Oklahoma where she was born and raised, she moved to the Big Apple accepting a permanent position at GPC in 2010. Outside of work, where she advises fashion retailers and designers on best practices and competitiveness, you can find her and her chef husband cooking for friends, rolling Filipino-style spring rolls called “lumpia”, and laughing at other people’s pain.

Simply put, Mercedes Gonzalez is non-stop. In 2016 alone, she attended 54 trade shows in 9 countries that she was invited to as a buyer and guest speaker, so naturally, she’s a carry-on luggage master packer. With over 20 years of being in the apparel industry, she has traveled to countless countries for trade shows, factory visits, fashion weeks, and conferences, never missing the opportunity to test the surprising consistency of McDonald’s french fries – 13 countries and counting.

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Before starting any of our services, contact us to schedule a Feasibility Consultation and speak directly with an industry insider about your concept. Get a clear idea of where to start and the next steps to move forward.

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  • Feasibility Consultation
    Feasibility Consultation
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    Market Black Book
  • Guided Tour of the LA Garment District
    Guided Tour of the LA Garment District
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    Retail Intensive USB
    Retail Intensive USB


I first learned about Global Purchasing Companies and Mercedes few years ago when I was trolling the internet about “fashion industry stuff”. Wa...

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  • Feasibility Consultation
    Feasibility Consultation
  • Designer Membership
    Designer Membership
  • Fashion Designer Intensive USB
    Fashion Designer Intensive USB
    Fashion Designer Intensive USB
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    Fashion 101 Workshop