Exclusive Fashion Intensive Masterclass


NYC, 02/17/2020
LA, 03/07/2020
DALLAS, 03/27/2020
MIAMI, 05/29/2020
After years of attending and being a featured speaker at trade shows, fashion weeks, and schools, I have noticed how little real life information there is available for emerging designers and how deceptive the industry can be. I have attended hundreds of workshops and seminars from industry “experts” that talk about something they did twenty years ago or are just starting up themselves, with little substance.
Most are just hour long pitches trying to sell you something.
I stand out from the masses for my reputation in the industry for calling it like it is. I personally own two fashion brands and retail stores.
I'm not just talk, I don’t just teach: I DO.
This master class has been called a master’s degree in the business of fashion. It covers all of the bases, from concept to sales.
It starts at 10AM, one break for lunch, and concludes at 5PM. 
 Please be advised only 6 spots are available - so be sure to reserve your place ASAP. 
Rules for Starting a Brand
Concept Planning
Identifying the Retailers
A Conversation about the Misconceptions of Online Retail
Corporate Formation
Intellectual Property Protection
Joint Ventures & Licensing
Copyrights & Trademarks
Forecasting and Developing a Signature
Defining Branding
Sourcing for Efficiency
What to Look for in a Factory
Shipping and Logistics
Costing Product Based on Placement 
Startup Budget
Reducing Risk
Exposure and Press
Social Media and Influencers
Line Sheets & Look Books
Selling: the Process, and getting a Rep
Starting with Virtual Sales 
When are You Ready for Your First Trade Show?
Selling Seasons
Financing Your Line